The holidays are meant to be a time of joy and fond memories with friends and family. The truth is, for some who experience symptoms of mental illness and/or homelessness this is not always the experience. For some, the holidays are a time of disruption from the normal pattern of life one has become comfortable with. For others, the holidays are a time of sad memories, loneliness, and internal pain. The holidays can cause mental health symptoms of depression and anxiety and even substance use relapse. Therefore, we need to be mindful of ourselves and those around us. Advance Housing recognizes this and would like to make sure each of our consumers are safe this holiday season.


Here are some coping tips to help reduce stress this holiday season:

  • Try to set realistic goals for yourself. Try organizing your time and making a list and prioritizing important activities.
  • Be realistic about what you can and cannot Remember that it’s a season of holiday sentiment, and activities can be spread out to reduce stress and increase enjoyment.
  • Remember the holiday season does not banish reasons for feeling sad or There is room for these feelings to be present, even if the person chooses not to express them.
  • Leave the past alone and look toward the Each holiday season is different and can be enjoyed in its own way. Don’t set yourself up by comparing today with days of the past.
  • Try volunteering some of your time to help others because doing so can feel
  • Be aware of drinking because It will only increase your feelings of stress.
  • Try Celebrating the holidays in a new way
  • Spend time with caring people make new friends or connect with someone you haven’t heard from in while
  • Save time for yourself because a ‘little time to relax and clear the mind can help in so many 

Remember, Advance Housing is a call away during hours of operation but if you need emergency help contact 911 or (201) 262-HELP, especially if you feel like you want to hurt yourself or others.

What is Advance Housing

We are a partnership with our clients supporting their abilities to live independently in the community far beyond any other housing support they have. We provide skill building, housing supports, and mental health services to support our clients in supporting themselves.

our Vision

Advance Housing Inc. will strive to be the leader in supportive housing, wellness services, housing development and asset management. We will utilize data to demonstrate excellence, secure stable revenue sources, support growth and maintain financial viability. We will be dedicated to the pursuit of eradicating stigma and promoting positive change.

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