What is Advance Housing

We are a partnership with our clients supporting their abilities to live independently in the community far beyond any other housing support they have. We provide skill building, housing supports, and mental health services to support our clients in supporting themselves.

Mental Health Month 2019

May is Mental Health Months and Advance Housing Inc, is a safe and stigma free agency for all who experience symptoms of mental illness.

Advance Housing, Inc

Treating all who enter our doors with respects and dignity

our Vision

Advance Housing Inc. will strive to be the leader in supportive housing, wellness services, housing development and asset management. We will utilize data to demonstrate excellence, secure stable revenue sources, support growth and maintain financial viability. We will be dedicated to the pursuit of eradicating stigma and promoting positive change.

Our Locations

Main Office -Teterboro

100 Hollister Road Teterboro, NJ 07608 Phone: 201-498-9140 Fax: 201-498-9144

Sparta Office

14 Main Street Sparta, NJ 07871 Phone: 973-940-8882 Fax: 973-726-0317