Our Mission

HouseOur mission is to expand the range and scope of supportive housing opportunities available to persons with psychiatric disabilities. In addition, we will seek to make similar options and services available to other individuals who are in need of supportive housing. Our array of outreach services, designed to help people live independently and productively in the community, will exceed the highest standards of professional practice.

Vision Statement

Advance Housing will continue to expand and strengthen the continuum of residential and case management services available to individuals in Bergen County who are psychiatrically disabled. We will strive to maintain a consumer to staff ratio that will permit us to provide individualized, intensive services for as long as they are needed.

We will extend the unique combination of housing, supportive services and crisis intervention that we are currently able to offer only to an adult population to needy and underserved groups such as aging-in youth, frail elderly or dually diagnosed individuals.

We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in our dealings with consumers and the public, as well as to the ongoing support and education of staff. We will treat all consumers, family members, staff and the community at large with respect, dignity and fairness.

We believe…
…people must be treated with dignity, respect and cultural sensitivity.
…innovative efforts yield superior results.
…that teamwork is the foundation of our agency’s success.
…in improving the quality of life of all members of the community.
…in striving for excellence in all we do.