Advance Housing Inc. would like to thank Toys for Tots for their special donation! Your generous contribution will help create happy holidays for many of our consumers and their families!!

Due to the challenges we face in developing and maintaining our programs, the agency is always grateful for contribution, large or small. Your contributions go to the everyday need of affordable housing along with supportive living help.


You donations will bring hope and truly make a difference in the live of those we serve.

Donations can be mailed in by check, or here through PayPal. 

Please make checks out to The Advance Housing Foundation.


Hope Starts With All of Us


Be part of the experience of someone moving into their permanent home. 

For $18, we’ll give them a special Advance Housing Keychain to put their new keys on, and we’ll send you one to match. 

Want to buy a keychain for yourself or a friend? Visit our store and purchase one for $10.


Purchasing a “Give Back Where It Counts” bag at Acme? Make sure you follow the instructions on the tag and select Advance Housing to support us! 

Purchasing a give back bag at Stop and Shop? Make sure you fill in “Advance Housing, Teterboro, NJ” in the Tag and return it within 7 days.  

1)Go to

2)Click the “get started” button

3)Sign in with your Amazon account

4)On the top of your screen, choose “support”

5)Type in Advance Housing

6)Choose “Advance Housing, Inc” and select.

Also using a mobile app?

On your mobile app, find your settings. Select Amazon Smile and follow the prompts to get your mobile purchases to make an impact too!!

1)Go to

2) Sign up for an account (or sign in with facebook)

3) Click on your initials at the top of the screen and choose “donation”

4) Click “list of causes” and search for Advance Housing

5) Click the option for Advance Housing, and when the page loads, click “adopt this cause”

6) Go back to and set it as your homepage. (If you have chrome, you can also install the widget)

7) Every search you do on GoodSearch will donate $.01 to Advance Housing!